[Los Angeles, CA] — Oct. 16, 2007 — 4PatientCare today announced the release of Unified Communication Solutions for healthcare. These administrative and clinical messaging solutions, built on Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007, are fully integrated with decision support. This platform transforms the healthcare experience by automating the most common and important health care transactions across consumer-patients, physician-providers and health plans.

One robust application is to remotely monitor patients with Heart Failure (HF). This chronic disease is the most costly Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) in the United States. Unfortunately, more than one-forth of patients discharged from the hospital with the diagnosis of HF will be re-admitted for the same reason within 90 days. Many of these re-admissions, which typically cost more than $10,000 each, are preventable. 4PatientCare proactively communicates with patients and determines if they require an intervention before they reach clinical crisis. This “early warning system” can replace Emergency Department visits and hospital admissions with a scheduled office visit. The desired result – dramatically lowered cost with improved quality of life.

The promise of remote monitoring for chronic illness is exciting. Even more important is the prevention of illness. Persons of lower socio-economic status use preventive care measures less than persons from financially fortunate backgrounds. This remains true even when they have heath insurance that covers preventive care. Care1st Heath Plan, a premier Medicaid and Medicare Health Plan in Southern California, used 4PatientCare services to increase patient understanding and use of available preventive services. Dr. Jorge Weingarten, Chief Medical Officer of Care1st said “4PatientCare has delivered a cost-effective solution for interactive communication with our patients. There would be no other way to contact our thousands of new members each month, message them appropriately, ask their desired action and make an appointment on one call. Our rates of initial health assessment for preventive services in select markets have more than doubled since we began proactive outreach with 4PatientCare. There is no doubt this technology has provided an important communication solution for our members.”
The advanced clinical platforms complement 4PatientCare’s multi-modal patient communication services that enable practices to seamlessly integrate their practice management systems with unified communication solutions. The administrative platform fill a practice schedule with desired patients and ensure those scheduled show up on time prepared for their visit. These Internet-based ASP automated solutions reach out to patients due for an appointment, schedule the appointment automatically, and remind the patient of their appointment. This functionality is delivered without requiring change in office-based technology or procedures and without human resource cost.

“Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 has allowed us to deliver complete turnkey solutions for our clients with speed, stability and scalability,” says George Mustafa, Chief Technology Officer, 4Patientcare.

“Microsoft’s unified communications includes both inbound as well as outbound communications,” said Yancey Smith, group marketing manager, Unified Communications Group at Microsoft. “4Patientcare’s solution enables healthcare organizations to more efficiently communicate with their patients and customers through an automated software platform built on Office Communications Server 2007 that reaches out pro-actively via the telephone and Web, which means lower costs for both both providers and their patients”