LOS ANGELES, CA – September 7, 2011 – 4PatientCare, an industry leader in intelligent, interactive messaging solutions for the healthcare industry, today announced its release of a new suite of services to enhance its existing product lines. Integrated with existing solutions, the new services allow 4PatientCare to offer healthcare providers the most comprehensive, effective and efficient patient communication package on the market.

4PatientCare’s unparalleled services and support already include customizable patient recalls, reminders, web scheduling, clinical communication and special announcements. New features introduced today include:

– Intelligent surveys
– Web reputation management
– Email services and SMS/text, including links to social media

Traditional provider-patient communication is costly, labor-intensive and difficult to quantify. 4PatientCare’s revolutionary set of tools allows a healthcare organization to keep in contact automatically with its patients or members using an optimal combination of modalities, providing significantly higher response rate, cost savings and patient satisfaction compared with other systems.