Our Mission

4PatientCare’s mission is to create solutions that enable more happiness,
efficiency and effectiveness in healthcare.

About 4PatientCare

We started in 1999 as a natural language voice platform, helping organizations automate many of the mundane tasks they encountered every day. Over the years we have expanded to email, text, postal, social media and the web; pushing the boundaries of engagement and focusing always on how to improve the patient and practice experience for the better. We now have thousands of doctors using our system to achieve better results for millions of patients every year… and growing!

Our Vision

Grow a company whose clients are raving fans, whose employees feel loved and appreciated,
whose impact on the world is measured in improving the lives of countless people.

Our Values

These values are core to who we are. They represent what we strive for day in and day out, regardless of what obstacles confront us.

  1. Deliver Amazing Service
  2. Find a way to make it happen
  3. Engender a culture of Innovation
  4. Be Proactive!
  5. Growth as a way of life
  6. Cultivate a loving, respectful, positive family spirit
  7. Laugh; have fun!

Our Pillars

4PatientCare’s services are built on top of four pillars.


  1. Drive more patients more often into your practice
  2. Ensure patients show up on time and prepared for their appointments
  3. Measure and improve the patient experience
  4. Automate staff operations