Your practice prides itself on excellent and effective customer service. You want to provide the best care for your patients as well as the most productive working environment for your staff. A patient engagement platform is one of the best tools available to help your practice achieve these goals. By working together with your practice we can streamline your office’s efficiency, and free up valuable time that can then be devoted to serving your patients’ needs.

4PatientCare has been working with one practice who, after being with one of our competitors for some time, felt that there was plenty of room for improvement. Catonsville Eye Group in Catonsville, Maryland, are a thriving, up-to-date practice that really focuses on customer service. 

“We do a great job.
From the beginning — making appointments —
to end — checking out or picking up glasses.
We really focus on customer service and efficiency.
We have the Nordstrom mentality.
-Lauren, Office Manager

Efficient Scheduling

It all starts with scheduling appointments to bring patients into the office.
You give the patient the appointment they want, they come in on time and ready, they are seen, leave happy and healthy, everything is fabulous, right?


Well, sometimes in the real world things aren’t quite so straightforward.


To provide great customer service requires not only dedication but time; time that is a scarce resource and needs to be dedicated to the tasks that best serve customers and patients.


Before coming to 4PatientCare Catonsville Eye Group was using an “Appointment Request Form” on their website in order to give patients as many options as possible to book appointments. This form gives patients the opportunity to request an appointment time that would work for them.

They were getting requests for appointments (which is good.)


They then had to go through many steps to create the appointments (which is bad.)


It went like this:

  1. Patient requests appointment
  2. Practice has to check insurance
  3. Put little note in their Practice Management System to hold the appointment so it can’t be booked by anyone else
  4. Call the patient back to confirm or clarify request
  5. Majority do not answer
  6. Leave a message
  7. Patient then calls back and leaves a message with the practice
  8. Phone tag ensues
  9. Hope they call back
  10. They do call back
  11. Appointment confirmed by speaking with patient
  12. Have to delete little note
  13. Book the appointment

13 steps. 13. Steps. Just to book an appointment. Oy….



When the practice joined 4PatientCare they started using our Real-Time Web Scheduler.

It goes like this:

  1. Patient schedules appointment
  2. Practice enters it into their Practice Management System

…That’s it.


What’s the difference?

According to Lauren the difference has been amazing. The best thing? “Patients have been raving about it!”

“The request form is so vague
compared to 4PatientCare’s web scheduler,
which specifies the doctor, the time, the reason.
It skips the whole step of waiting for a call back.

No more phone tag,
with your web scheduler it is done.”

-Lauren, Office Manager


We thank Lauren and all at Catonsville Eye Group for their great feedback! We will be checking in with them periodically so watch this space!