Automating email, phone, and text recalls are a no-brainer. Their benefits speak for themselves; which is why the majority of patient communication solutions use them, sometimes exclusively. But what about postal? Is it outdated in the age of technology? Or is it untapped potential?

We ran the tests.

We ran the tests.

Here are our findings:

1) Postal DOES give you boost!

We did the analysis across our customer base to understand how many appointments were really generated from sending out postal communications. It turns out by adding postal to your existing email, text, and voice recall campaign you can boost conversions by an extra 3%! That means even after sending a patient an email, text, and automated phone call, you can still increase your recall conversions by using postal!

But that’s not all…

2) Postal has a 4x Return on Investment

So let’s say you send out 100 cards. At that volume you pay roughly $1 per card (postage included), so it costs you $100 to send out recall postcards for the month (if you are at a higher volume it is, of course, much less per card).

Out of the 100 cards, 3 patients will book an appointment (we know this from the 3% conversion). Average exam revenue (quoted by the AOA) is $306. So:

$306 x 3 = $918

Out of that $918 of revenue generated, typically 45% is profit. Which gives you $413 of profit from the postal campaign. Since you spent $100 to get that $413, your exact ROI is 4.13x.

Postal has a 4.13x ROI?!

Holy guacamole!

 So why does it work? Are there any additional benefits? Does it add a lot of extra work? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Other Benefits of Automated Postal Recalls with 4PatientCare:

1) Capture and reactivate the largest portion of your patient population possible

Adding postal communications helps you cast a wider net and improve your chances of having your recalls seen by even your most elusive patients. After all, people may not have a cell phone or email address in your system, but they’ll almost always have an address.

2) Can be used as a mechanism to keep your current patient database up-to-date

If one of your patients has moved out of your area, we will not print or charge you for that card. Instead we will simply notify you so that you may inactivate them from your database. No more “return to senders!”

3) Keep your demographics section up-to-date with the correct home addresses of your patients

If one of your patients has moved, but is still in your service area, you will be notified of their new address and can instantly update it in your records. We’ll also investigate this before printing out the card, so there will be no ugly postal sticker!

4) All done automatically without any staff time

No more printing labels, sending generic postcards, or using valuable staff time. After all, you didn’t hire them to lick stamps, did you?

Even if just a few patients schedule their next exam from the postal communications it pays for itself and gives you all of the fringe benefits listed above!1472652134-geniejawI know! We couldn’t believe it either!

If you’d like to learn more about how we handle postal recalls or any of other services. Head on over to our contact us page and schedule a time to speak to one of our account managers, or simply use the chat on the bottom right hand of the screen to connect now!