Ensure Ease of Access for your EyeMed Patients


Real-time Web-Scheduling makes it easier than ever for EyeMed members to access care.

EyeMed members use this page thousands of times a day to find their eye care professional. An interactive link to online appointment scheduling makes it easier for you to:

  • Book “hard to fill” appointment slots
  • Capitalize on a captive audience that is actively researching their vision care options
  • Differentiate your practice from others in the area
  • Appeal to members’ desires for online scheduling (75% of adults want to schedule online)
  • Save money by freeing staff from answering phone calls

To be displayed, the link must allow for real-time scheduling. If your website does not currently offer this, there are several options, including 4PatientCare, an industry leader in intelligent, interactive messaging solutions for the healthcare industry. As an EyeMed network provider, you will receive special pricing on patient self- scheduling services.

4PatientCare’s solutions integrate easily with most vision care practice management systems on the market. The service pays for itself with just five online appointments a year (the average practice gets more than a dozen appointments a month).

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Don’t miss another opportunity to fill your schedule with desired patients.

EyeMed now supports the ability for providers to link to their online appointment scheduling system right from its Provider Locator.

Get started today by
contacting 4PatientCare:

Fred Binczewski
        Toll Free: (877) 777-9078
        Direct: (858) 952-1178