Tell us about your favorite adventure.

My favorite adventure has to be when my older brother and I went on a 6 week trip around Europe. I was 19 and he was 21 at the time. Getting out of the mainland was a bit scary at first but with family in Poland and Switzerland, we soon found it to be the trip of a lifetime.

After getting sent the wrong way for 2 miles by the French Police in Paris (The stereotypes of the French resonate with me fairly well even though my father was born in Lille France) we finally ended up at the hostel we were supposed to be at. Spending a few days in Paris, we ran into two gents from Florida who were our saving grace. They explained that if you wanted to see the best parts of the city, here were a few options and after that, you are better off going somewhere else.

We ended up at the Eiffel Tower and many other monuments but after that it was straight to Switzerland where we had an amazing time going to the alps, watching beach volleyball, meeting some of the most amazing people and much more! What I didn’t realize was during the summer months, the sun rises at around 5 am and sets at roughly 10:00 pm! People were exercising around lake Luzern at 9:00 at night. Simply an amazing experience.

From Switzerland we ended up in Italy, Poland, England, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic and then back to the USA.

We were “jumped” in Prague where we fought for our life but ended up on the right side of the endeavor. This is a story for another day but our family is extremely happy that they raised two fairly large sons who were able to get out alive and continue the trip.

After everything was said and done, my brother and I grew much closer together and have continued to be best friends. The experiences are engraved in my memory forever and I strongly suggest everyone go outside their comfort zone and experience what the rest of the world has to offer if you have not done so already.

Pictures and videos are on a hard drive at another residence but hopefully soon I can send some to our team.