Some years ago and freshly out of college, I landed an entry-level retail management position. Sure, all the hype and glory was enough to fulfill any dream, but it was during my time in this position that I reached a major crossroads in my life.

You see, the first twenty-something years of my life were spent exerting great effort in moderating the awesomeness that lie within. But one afternoon, shortly after eating a cold Sonic breakfast burrito that had been hanging out in the office while I finished some stock rotations, an announcement rang out over the intercom, “Customer needs assistance in Family Planning. Customer needs assistance in Family Planning.”

Someone was in dire need (seriously, who has a manager paged to Family Planning unless it’s dire?)!

Something burned within. At first, I thought it was just the burrito, but when a handful of Tums didn’t touch it, I knew there could only be one explanation: the awesomeness so long controlled grew, like a phoenix, into an all consuming fire leaving the old Alex as a heap of ashes and giving rise to new life!

Was I ready to say goodbye to the old forever and embrace the new?

Heck Yeah! No one left that day with unmet customer service needs, especially my newly acquired friend from the Family Planning department.

Super Alex was born!

Frashback Fliday