What do you like to do outside of work? How did this hobby start?

I love board games. I have since I was a little kid. There is just nothing like sitting in a room with your friends or family and playing a board game. A board game requires you to have a human connection with the people you are playing. A connection that isn’t possible watching a screen. I mean, where else can your Grandpa mercilessly bankrupt an 8 year old you and you still love him? (I’m talking about Monopoly of course)There are games of luck and games of skills and games everywhere in-between the two.

I really got into board games when I used to visit my older cousin in Florida when I was kid. Her and her husband had an impressive collection of board games and really showed me the fun and unique nature that board games have. There are just so many different types and possibilities that no two are the same.

For a while I forgot about my love of board games as I got older and everyone around me was focused on the newest video game or TV show. However, I have had a recent resurgence of my love for them. Part of that is that I now make my only money and can afford to buy the things I want in life. I used to rely on other people’s collections to play but when I moved to New York I didn’t really know anyone with a lot of board games so I started my own collection. If you’re ever in New York and want to play, I’ve created a decent collection now, send me a message and lets do it! I promise I wont be as merciless as my Grandpa…maybe.

Here’s a picture of some of my collection. I am starting to run out of room so I will just have to get creative with my space so that I can buy more :P.