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When I was a little girl back in DR society it was customary to dress up when going to a birthday party, not that it was required in the invite but it was just what you did back then. Boys would be in their Sunday best and girls would wear pouffy dresses and shiny shoes, of course that lead to kids having a lame time because moms were always on us about not running or sweating or sitting the floor in order to keep the outfits from getting dirty or messed up, ugh… So, so lame.

As I’m sure I’ve told you guys before, I was raised very differently from the other kids around me, I was always under dressed because my family always prioritized fun when it came to birthday parties, yeah I know, so progressive lol.

Turns out, because of such progressiveness I became sort of a pioneer when it came to the parties because my aunts decided to make it a rule at my birthdays that everybody had to wear jeans, t-shirts, shorts or anything sporty and comfy, and who would have guessed? It was so much fun!!! Soon after everybody followed and birthday parties in the Dominican Republic in the 80’s were forever changed and yes if you ask my aunts they believe they should have been recognized in the history books for it.