We’ve grown a lot this past year, which lead us to hiring brand new team members to give you the best possible customer service. Frankly, it just so happens that we’re so excited about our new team members that we simply can’t help but show them off.

So here they are…

Advantage Architect

Looking for an edge over competitors? This guy will lead potential clients through all of our services to make sure they are getting the best solutions on the market. A strategist and a negotiator, he’s the guy you want by your side when deciding on which of our new services are right for you.

unnamedJeremy Jaramillo, aka JJ

JJ has lived in Las Vegas since he was 8 years old. He’d like to learn how to fly a helicopter one day, climb a mountain, and grow a garden. Today, he’ll drink coffee, plan his next adventure, and listen to The Avalanches on repeat.



Customer Success Hero

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s all your 4PC dreams coming true! Super powers include: Sherlock-level investigation skills, lightning fast response rates, and being a gosh darn absolute joy to talk to. If anything ever comes up with your 4PC services, this is who you reach out to. If she can’t help you, she’ll know exactly who to connect you with to get the phenomenal results you deserve.

unnamedMolly McFall

Molly sounds like she’s from North Carolina, even though she never lived there. She grew up in Texas then spent many, many years in England, so her accent migrated northeast. She makes aprons and jewelry and sells them online, and is deeply influenced by both Jane Jetson and Alexander Calder.


Special Agents

MacGyver has got nothing on these folks. They possess an encyclopedic knowledge of all things 4PC (or they will when they’re out of training). They are tech gurus, problem solvers, and oh so very patient. You’ll be sure to come across them if you’re adding new services, changing your configuration, and/or have a bug that needs squash– I mean, fixing.

unnamedAlex Baggott

Alex has been married for 10 years and has “offsprung” two great kids (ages four and one). His hobbies include thinking about “getting in shape,” eating warm cookies, chasing his children, spending time outdoors (hiking or gardening), and honing the craft of telling corny jokes.



untitled-1Micah Bain

Micah enjoys long walks on the beach, which is incredibly unfortunate as he lives in Oklahoma and the only water they have is runoff from factories or the water that seeps back up through the ground after fracking is completed. He also likes technology and whatnot and was a web developer for a few years prior to this job! He’s really glad to be on the 4PatientCare team as a whole, and on the Support Team especially.



unnamedSamantha Fullen

Samantha is a 26-year-old artist living in Virginia. She was born and raised in San Diego with the good sushi, so the West Coast will always be home. She has four awesome step kids and a derpy, ancient cat that likes to shed on every ounce of fabric in the house. Also a sugar glider, but he’s a jerk so she doesn’t talk about him.



0-cus-d2-314ddcc5fdf2d4b9497cbb008dba01bbAmanda Jacques

Amanda is married and has 5 boys that range in age from 7 to 17. Her hobbies include reading, painting, drawing, and crochet.  As a huge geek, she reads comic books and novels, plays video games, and attended the SLC Comic Con this year. She is a huge UFC fight fan and dabbles in home brewing beer and wine. So, you know, a real girly-girl.



1410933_10151752173702901_1395709018_oKristen Mardis

Kristen is from Colorado but has lived in Alabama for over 10 years. She recently got married to her best friend and together they have the best/most annoying cat. She watches a lot of Netflix and YouTube videos. She’s a photographer during her off time and recently discovered the world of Astrophotography.




Thomas Scarlato

He’s an American and from the South. Being any more specific is to be less honest.  Shreveport, LA is his home town though he hasn’t actually lived there in a decade. He once beat a current colleague *cough*Jon Tai*cough* at a board game so badly the latter no longer plays. They don’t talk about it.


Aren’t they just… What’s the right way to put it?










Maybe you’ve already talked to them, maybe you’re talking to them right now, or maybe you haven’t had the pleasure quite yet. When you do, I’m sure you’ll understand why we’re so eager to introduce them to the world 🙂