One year ago, almost to the day, I embarked on a new journey, created a new life (literally), got engaged to a knockout inside and out, fixed a house, sold a house, moved across the US two times, helped launch a family company, made getting in shape a priority, started eating healthier, learned how to swaddle an infant, found out that the human body can function at a high level with only 2-3 hours of sleep, earned top tier status on multiple airlines from so much travel, felt appreciated and encouraged from many new business peers and the list goes on….

My advise is to learn the type of person or personality you have. I am the type that can get very complacent when things in my life are trucking along just fine. I need a mountain to climb with a deadline. That is when I fire on all cylinders, dig the boots in the ground and find success even I forgot was possible. Do the same and figure out your personality so you can be much more productive with your days.

One of the main PECAA doctors recently told me, “It is amazing how much time you used to waist before you had a child, isn’t it?”  This doctor couldn’t have been closer to the truth. You don’t have to have a child to realize this so I am not condoning firing out children in order to find a very productive state! Set realistic daily goals and force deadlines for those goals. It sounds redundant but it is very true.

I will leave you today with this phenomenal quote from Dwayne Johnson so you can go kick some (insert appropriate “work friendly word or phrase”)—