With every new year comes the ideas of fresh starts, reflection, and new goals to achieve. It’s the perfect time to re-evaluate where you are and where you want to go.

Many studies have shown that writing down your goals makes it significantly more likely that you achieve them. But studies say a lot of things, right? Well, I’d like to share a little story of Brisa of 2013. I had just gone through a lot of changes in my life. I went through a rough break up, moved across the country where I didn’t know a single soul, found out about my mom’s cancer diagnosis, and was pretty brutally mugged by a cab driver, all within 3-4 months. I was feeling pretty low. Who am I kidding? I was a miserable mess. I came across a website, FutureMe.org, where you send yourself a letter to the future. I wrote down everything I was unhappy with in my life and exactly how I was going to change it, but it was written in past tense as if I had already done them. I sent the letter and scheduled it to arrive in my inbox in 2014, exactly a year from that day. Then I proceeded to forget about it. I never consciously made an effort to remember those goals, I just went about living my life.

In 2014, to my complete surprise (not kidding, I had completely forgotten about the letter and what I had written), I received an email from my past self. I read the letter and cried like a baby. Everything written still resonated, but in a very different way. I had somehow managed to accomplish every. single. thing I had written and my life was infinitely better. It was funny that I had actually added in a couple of pieces of advice as well that felt perfectly timed. Things like “Relax. You’re doing great. Stop looking for the next big thing and just enjoy where you are.” Or “I know you’re holding something in right now. For goodness sake GO TALK TO SOMEONE ABOUT IT!!!!” Apparently, I know myself really well :p

Now I can’t be sure that wouldn’t have accomplished those goals if I hadn’t written the letter. But it felt incredible to read and gave me a true sense of accomplishment. It was also one of the most comforting things I’ve ever read. I just wrote myself a letter again. This time I’ll receive it on Christmas of this year so I have a week to prep myself for 2017 with the help of me. I’m really excited to see if I get similar results again, especially since my jumping off point is significantly better 🙂

If you want to send one to yourself, just go to FutureMe.org! I highly recommend it.