Pale blue dot always gets me in the feels. I’m reminded of it on a smaller scale every time we go to one of our favorite places here in Vegas, the sky lounge at the stratosphere. A 360 degree view of the city and half price drinks before 7, what what. No matter how many times I go, the view is jaw-dropping and the food is gross. Only kidding, I’m just picky and unrefined. What’s also kind of cool is that part of Vegas switched to LED streetlights, so there is this huge section made up of blue lights while the rest is glowing yellow.

But the fact that gets me is that when you’re up there looking out, you can see billions of dollars of infrastructure, engineered by humans using a combined knowledge built on over thousands of years. An entire city living and breathing in (somewhat) organized chaos. Hundreds of thousands of people all with their own individual lives, thoughts, and feelings are in your line of vision at that moment, but you will never interact with the majority of them. You’re working together to define the city you live in, you’ll all share this same past, you’re all part of the same unit and yet we’re all strangers.


Here are a few pics from the last time I was up there. Pretty blue LED section not pictured.