Looks like it’s my turn for Motivational Monday! I’ve seen some awesome posts with incredible motivational speakers, and touching life stories. Good thing this isn’t a competition (queue laugh track). Unfortunately for you, I don’t have anything like that to offer you today. What I do have to offer, are some funny videos and sketchy anecdotal evidence. I’m no brain surgeon, but I’ve noticed I get a lot more accomplished when I stay positive. Staying positive allows me to keep moving forward, instead of becoming stagnant. Personally, I’ve found that positivity and laughter tend to go hand in hand. I’m a lot happier when I keep myself laughing, and in turn I find myself in a positive state of mind. When bad things happen to me or around me I try to find the humor in it, laugh, and stay positive. This can require a bit of a morbid and self-deprecating sense of humor at times. It’s very easy to give in to the pressure and stress that life throws your way. We all know that. Try laughing at it instead and find the positivity. When you’re presented with adversity, try finding the humor in the situation, laugh about it, and stay positive. It could be a challenge, something you don’t really want to do, accomplishing life goals, or general adulting. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, try to stay positive.

Disclaimer: This is typically handled best internally, or for your own adversity. I don’t recommend going and using this with other people’s troubles if they aren’t on the same page. You’ll end up laughing at them, and not with them. That’s typically regarded as “Not Cool.” Also, I don’t like wrestling at all. However, the characters surrounding wrestling are hilarious. I’m a fan of The New Day, because they’re all about positivity.