Neil Reviews Motivational Posters

In today’s hectic world, who has the time or the money to waste on substandard motivational posters? Nobody, amirite? I’m here to let you know the differences between a Poster and a PostDon’t!


This one is a play on the fable “The Tortoise and the Hare.” I’m going to ignore that the quote is an awful interpretation of the moral of that story. Instead, lets focus on the fact that that is not a tortoise, that is a turtle!



This next one is a little diddy based on an Andrew Carnegie quote


This one isn’t too bad, until you realize that by “Teamwork” he meant “Compulsory Child Labor,” and my “uncommon results” he meant “homicide of employees who complain.”




It looks like the fact you have wings is determining your altitude, which I would call aptitude. Go home, you smug bird.
Who names an eagle “Zig” anyway?



You probably shouldn’t take advice from a poster, ever.