Eyecare of Denton

We love our clients. No. Seriously. We LOVE our clients.

Feelings I Can't Fight

So when we hear they are happy, it makes us want to scream it from the rooftops.


But since Oprah doesn’t have a talk show anymore, we decided to share their stories on our blog. Today we’re proud to introduce you to Eyecare of Denton!

Eyecare of Denton is a premium facility with doctors and staff who believe in providing a relaxed, friendly and comfortable environment for every patient, while delivering the latest in eye care technology. They offer services such as LASIK & Refractive Surgery Co-Management, Eye Emergencies/Urgencies, Dry Eye Treatment, Latisse, Computer Vision Syndrome and have been specialized in treating eye disease for over 25 years.

Dawn, the Insurance Coordinator, kindly agreed to chat with us about their experience with 4PatientCare over the years. We were so thrilled to hear about their experience because at 4PatientCare our vision is:

“Grow a company whose clients are raving fans,
whose employees feel loved and appreciated,
whose impact on the world is measured in
improving the lives of countless people.”

When our clients really feel the impact of that vision, when they feel 4PC helps them to achieve their goals, it lets us know we are doing something right for our wonderful partners.

Below, we hear a little more from Dawn about how 4PatientCare integrates with their EHR (OfficeMate), how the office staff likes using our services, how their web reputation has improved, and about their experiences with our customer service team.

“I can’t imagine what it would be like
if we didn’t have 4PatientCare!

office staff


technician team     optical team

Q: How has your experience with 4PC Customer Service been?

A: The customer service team has been wonderful. If they don’t have the answer right away then they let me know they will get back to me as soon as they have an answer. Obviously I know them by name! They check on us to make sure we’re good, service is good, and to see if we need anything. Shelie is always very patient, and they usually get back to me within the day. The customer service team is phenomenal. I couldn’t say enough positive things about them.

 “The customer service team is phenomenal.
I couldn’t say enough positive things about them.”


Q: Have you worked with the 4PC Support Team?

A: The tech support team is equally wonderful. The first

[newsletter] was phenomenal. We kind of had a 48 hour window before we wanted to send the blast out. Once we decided what we were going to do, they were timely, and worked on my schedule. They were wonderful, customer friendly, quick, efficient and I have had no problems there.


Q: Have the post-visit surveys helped your practice?

A: Having our surveys? That’s a huge deal for us now. I think before that we had nothing. Now, we’ve got so many reviews! It’s been great for morale, good for doctors to see, a great tool on our website, and it gives actual patients a voice to share their experience.

It’s [also] a good objective tool for people who are researching our practice and [to see] whether it’s a fit for them. We stand out because we are a premium facility and our doctors are medically licensed. We see people with medical conditions and basically do everything a ophthalmologist does without the surgical component. Patients leave a review and validate the service they had, and It helps a lot when it comes to scheduling or when it comes to having someone understand we’re not just a run of the mill optometry office.


Hear from some of EyeCare of Denton’s thrilled patients:


Q: What are your thoughts on the services in general?

A: I think the system works wonderfully. It integrates really well with office mate. When we we do what we are supposed to do in our system correctly, the system works correctly and it’s great! We’ve had no issues at all. It calls back on our contact lenses. It calls on patients. If somebody has something here to pick up, it notifies them.  It kind of works itself.

“They [tech support] were wonderful, customer friendly,
quick, and efficient!”


Q: How do you think the office would be different if you didn’t have 4PatientCare?

A: I can’t imagine having to do that! It seems archaic having to go back and do that! We’re a relatively small practice, and we’ve got a huge patient base. That’s a whole other element of pay roll, a whole other couple hours of work at least. 4PatientCare helps us take so much off of the front office staff’s plate so we can focus on things like insurance and engaging with the patient when they’re here.


Q: Is there anything else you’d like to tell us today?

A: Nope… Just that 4PatientCare makes my life easier. I’m all about that!


Interested in participating in Practice Spotlight? Have a great story about how 4PC helped take your practice to the next level? Reach out to us via the “chat with us!” feature on the website. We’d love to hear your success story, hear about about your long term practice goals, and talk about how we can find even more ways to optimize your services! We’re constantly working to improve your experience with 4PatientCare; and, of course, you are the most important part of that equation! 🙂