Privacy Statement

4PatientCare believes businesses and people have a right to privacy and confidentiality of their information. 4PatientCare will never willfully disclose individual personally identifiable information without the express permission and desire of that individual. We believe people must know in advance how information is collected and utilized. 4PatientCare will always disclose its business practices in advance and will not deviate from its disclosure statement without the express consent of the customers and individuals who have relied upon it.

4PatientCare works with many clients in making our products available to the consumer. We ask our clients to fully disclose their business practices in advance. We encourage users of our products/tools to read the disclosure statements of the sponsoring organization so they are aware of any differences from our disclosure statement. This policy applies to all of our products. Since 4PatientCare does not operate any products/tools for direct use by consumers, it is important that consumers fully understand and accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of the sponsoring organization before using any of these tools. 4PatientCare provides technology to our clients that protect the individuals privacy and identity while helping him/her to achieve personal health goals and receiving health care treatment. We urge consumers to use these tools in collaboration with their healthcare providers to best manage their health and that of their loved ones.