• 4PC Recording Consent

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Employee Notice

    I, employee (as named above) of business (as named above), acknowledge that my employer has contracted for certain consulting and marketing services from 4PatientCare, a California corporation, in order to improve the employer’s profitability and operations. Among those services is a marketing campaign that is geared towards getting patients to book appointments with the office through a variety of sources, including phone calls to the office. I further acknowledge and accept that these any calls from these campaigns are monitored and recorded on behalf of the employer. The employee answering the mystery phone call will not be given any contemporaneous notice of recording so that the employer may use the recorded call to improve its services to its customers. I hereby waive any notification requirement at the time of the call of that recording, or notice that a test of the employee is taking place. I understand that contemporaneous notice of recording would defeat the purpose of the mystery call and deny my employer the usefulness of the service. By signing below, I agree to the monitoring and recording of the call and my employer may consent to this service on my behalf without any further authorization or notice to me. I further agree to adhere to the terms and conditions of the contract between my Employer and 4PatientCare for any dispute or claim applicable to that contract.
  • By signing below you have read and agreed to the above: