My talent Memorization………………………………………. Happy Halloween!

I once had a 5th and 6th grade teacher that got the entire class to do Oral Readings. I still have memorized and stored in my brain this poem that he taught us or most of it……..

The Witch of Willoughby Woods

There once was a witch of Willoughby Wood,
And a weird wild witch was she;
With hair that was snarled,
And hands that were gnarled,
And a kickety rickety knee.
She could jump they say
To the moon and back
But this I never did see.

Now Willoughby Woods was near Sassafras swamp
where there is never a road or a rut
and there by the old witch hazel bush
the old woman builded her hut.
She builded with neither a hammer nor nail
She needed she rolled out she baked that brown huddle.

Now all witches houses I’ve oft heard it said
are made of stick candy and fresh ginger bread
but the shingles that shingled this old woman’s roof
were lollypop shingles and hurricane proof
too hard to me melted and pelted by rain
why this is important I soon will explain.

One day there came running to Sassafras swamp
a dark little showdy mouse.
He was noted for being a scoundrel and tramp
and he gnawed at the old woman’s house.
Where the door posts were weak and the door posts were worn
and when the witch scolded he laughed her to scorn.
And when the witch chased him he felt quite delighted
she never could catch him as she was nearsighted.

I wont let this house take a tumble
I will look in my magical book
For a spell I can weave
Or a spell I can mumble
To get you away from my nook
It will be a good lesson to all of you mice
who don’t earn their keep but go steeling a slice

So she looked in her book and she waved her right arm
And she said the most magical things
Until the Mouse feeling strange looked about in alarm
And he found he was growing some wings
He spat and he sputtered the longer she muttered
And now my fine fellow you best be aloof
Said the witch and she floundered around
And if your wise stay in the sky’s

Then in went the witch of Willoughby woods
Into her harth stone and cat
There she sat by her fire and said
that is that
I just made a bat!

It is by an unknown author.

(I know I messed up in some places but have no way to check as I can’t find the poem 🙁 )

Scary the things our brains remember….

And funny if I try too hard I cannot bring it forward. It has to be free flowing…