I had never even thought about poetry really. Although I would come to learn that my culture has a rich, illustrious history of incredible poets (shout out to my brothers from another great-great-great-great-great grandmother Hafiz and Khayyam) up until that point in my life it hadn’t sparked my interest. I was 16, there were plenty of other things to think about, I assure you.

And one of those other things was homework. Ahh yes. Homework. Work that you do at home. The bane of my existence. And quite hilariously, what I literally do for a living now. The project was simple: an English class assignment to write your first poem.

I don’t remember how I wrote this poem, or why I wrote it. One way or another, it just came out.

For whatever reason, my teacher loved it (pity like? was I a brown noser? purple ribbon praise? who can say) and submitted it to a local poetry contest which I’ve been told by reliable sources is only slightly less prestigious than the Nobel prize.

I ended up placing well in the finals, but didn’t win the top prize scholarship. My teacher encouraged me though, and kept pushing me to write more and more. So I did. Eventually I wrote so much that I created a book and started a website around it. But that’s a story for another Talent Show Tuesday 😉