When I was in college, I took a class called PSYCH 3420: Perception – Applications to Computer Graphics, Art, and Visual Display. …or PSYCH 3420 for short. As with much of college, I don’t remember a lot in particular about what I learned in that class aside from an echo of feeling that tells me that I found it interesting and enjoyed it while I was there.

As part of a final project for the class, we were asked, if I recall correctly, to do basically whatever the heck we wanted as long as it related to the topics and ideas covered over the course of the course.

So I decided that I wanted to delve into stereoscopic video (a fancy way of referring to a type of 3D graphics…guess I did remember something from the class). There was a whole section in the class about different ways of creating 3D images and how they related to film, which was particularly pertinent as we were in the midst of going through that period of time when it seemed to be becoming all the rage. As much as I disliked 3D movies (another rant for another Thankful Thursday), I was fascinated by the technology and how relatively easy it is to create something on a 2D surface that, when looked at in the right way, our brains can process as a three dimensional object, popping out from what we know to be a flat surface. So cool.

I also thought, well, given that 3D movies are getting all popular n’at, why aren’t there more 3D advertisements? You would think that advertisers would hop on this bandwagon, the latest gimmick to make their product literally and figuratively stick out more to all us consumers…you know, until everyone was on the wagon, at which point we would just habituate again until the next thing (OCULUS RIFT).

So for my project I created a mock animated advertisement for the dopest, technology and society revolutionizing-est mp3 player ever. None other than, of course, the Microsoft ZUNE.

Took me a crapton of hours and I’m really proud of what little sophomore Jonny Tai was able to punch out on his ancient lugger of a Dell laptop. Without further ado, see in 3D in 3 easy steps!

  1. Pause the video at the beginning and make the video full screen (will be easier to do this without other things on the screen in your field of vision).
  2. Start crossing your eyes. You will see the two white dots at the top start to move towards each other, and the two white dots at the bottom as well. You want to cross your eyes just enough so that the two dots at the top line up with each other forming a third single dot in the top middle (and the same for the two dots at the bottom).
  3. Once you’ve accomplished this, all you have to do now is to hold that point of focus, press play, and watch the video while keeping your eyes partially crossed as they are. Don’t forget to breathe and enjoy!