Definition of ‘talent:’ natural aptitude or skill; unusual natural ability, a marked innate ability, as for artistic accomplishment, natural endowment or ability of a superior quality.

Shelie’s personal inventory regarding this definition of talent:

1. Artistic: can you paint, draw, carve or sculpt?

a) Can you use any marking instrument at all?
Well, yes, I can use a pen and pencil to write alpha and numeric symbols. I think this does not fall into the ‘talent’ definition.

2. Music: can you sing, whistle, dance, and/or play any instrument so that the song can be identified?

a) Are you familiar with music at all?
Yes, married a man who sings, writes music, and plays guitar so well that a producer from Motown offered to produce an
album for him. (Clearly, many years ago. . . but I must count this in my resume or I will be left with basically nothing.)

Ed Romo giving a 'personal lesson' to one of our friend's little ones

Ed Romo giving a ‘personal lesson’ to one of our friend’s little ones

3. Athletics: can you run, jump, twirl, balance, swim, walk?
Yes, I can do all of these but only as a means of transportation when necessary (the balancing comes into play so that I do not fall over while running, jumping, twirling and walking). However, this would not count as a talent based on the definition above.

a) Have you even played any sport at all? 
Yes, in 4th grade, I was required to play baseball, but since I could never actually connect the bat to the ball, I was always the laaaaast person chosen for the last unlucky team. Not a talent.

4. Extraneous: Can you operate any type of personal equipment or machine well? 
Skates – roller or ice: No.

Roller blades: No.

Skis – water or snow: No.
I did once get up on water skis but the people in the boat assumed I could not so they cut the motor and I sank. Again, this would not count as a talent in any manner.
I also took a skiing lesson once from a very good looking man (my girlfriends and I recruited him when he helped us put the chains on our tires) but I failed the lesson because I could not make myself fall down during the lesson. And so, this would not count as anything like a talent either.

I am the 'skier' in the pink. (I can't ski, but I wanted to look as cute as possible not doing it!)

I am the ‘skier’ in the pink. (I can’t ski, but I wanted to look as cute as possible not doing it!)

Motorcycle: No.

Bicycle: YES!

Surf – body or board: No.

Pogo stick: Yes, barely.

My thought right now, ‘Well, this will certainly keep me out of Talent Tuesday in the future!’

I reached out to people who know me well to find out if they could see any talent in me. Here are those responses:

1. ‘Wrangling the family,’ i.e. good family leader, keeping the family together and connected.

2. Good traveler. . .i.e. when people are with me, they say that I am pleasant to travel with.

3. Shopping. I must admit, I do have a talent, after much exercise in this, of excellent shopping stamina.

4. In his 20’s, my oldest son seriously said I was the perfect mom. . . not just a good mom but actually the perfect mom! I have to take this because I think when any child makes such a statement, especially before they are 30 years old, it is more validating than receiving the Nobel Peace prize.

5. Public speaking. This is true, but not sure it is a talent. I have spoken to many groups from just a handful of people to several thousand, and they seem to like what I have to say. . . and pay attention while I am saying it!

6. Teaching. This also is true. Not teaching so much academics, although I have participated there, but teaching people about God – not what religion or culture or nature or other people, or even personal experiences say about who He is but who He actually is based on what He says about Himself. And because He is much different than most people have been told or understand, this is my favorite thing to do so that other people can get to know Him and enjoy hanging out with Him, too. And His favorite thing to do is to hang out with people!

I also attached a picture of a book I wrote on raising children. . . but it did not seem to fit into my narrative.

I also attached a picture of a book I wrote on raising children. . . but it did not seem to fit into my narrative.