So to preface this talent, I’d like to take us back to 2008 when I was a sophomore in college. A friend of mine randomly invited me to come to her dance troupe’s auditions the next day. I’ve danced all my life, but the usuals: ballet, jazz, tap, blah, blah, blah. This, however, was a belly dancing troupe. Well, I was free the next day so I figured “why not?”

Fast forward a couple of years to 2012 when I’m dancing as a professional belly dancer in Southern California. Life is funny.

The first video is of an stunningly extravagant Indian wedding in Beverly Hills that hired us for their entrance. Yes, you read that correctly. They wanted to magically appear with belly dancers and they did so beautifully. The show goes on to feature some of our partners from the Blankenship ballet, which we regularly performed with at a monthly performance series at the historical Alexandria Hotel in Downtown LA.

Performance for Web from Lighthouse Studios on Vimeo.

The second video is from the Irvine Global Village Festival 2012. I’m the second girl that comes in with a white skirt that spends the entire first half of the dance trying to gracefully unattach her skirt from her heel after she gets up and eventually just gives up and yanks it. One of my finer moments. I’m only in the first dance and then the wings dance later on in the set, which is the same as the wedding choreography. But there’s some pretty awesome dancing going on in between by the lovely ladies who were actually trained and didn’t just randomly fall into it 🙂