Well, this entry is supposed to be about talent, but I found myself in some philosophical rabbit hole trying to understand the relative nature of “talent” and how it applies to my life. So, in order to move forward, let’s just think of this as what I enjoy (because people tend to enjoy what they’re good at, right?).

With that said, I enjoy diy projects. We’ve just moved into a new home, and the project list is long; but pictures of recent projects are hard to find. Here are a couple I happen to have on my phone.


The picture above shows a trench in the crawlspace of my parents rental property. This eventually became a French drain that terminates into a sump basin with pump. After the 2′ x 1.5′ x 25′ trench was complete, it had to be graded by hand, drain pipes were installed, and the trench was back filled with 3 cubic tons of gravel! This project made me bleed, sweat, and yes, cry; but it works like a champ and well worth the effort!


Another project I took on recently is the replacement of a shower valve. This photo shows the backside of the new valve. If you’ve ever wondered what’s behind that shower handle, now you know.

These can be a little trick, but my favorite parts of running copper pipe is figuring out the most beneficial sequence for fitting all the separate components together and the artistry of sweating copper the “right way,” which leaves clean looking joints!

The last project started after several years of marriage when my wife and I (mostly my wife) decided that we needed to replace our beat up, hand-me-down, right out of college, newly wed table. Specifically, we were looking for a rustic farmhouse style table, so after shopping around and being the cheapskate I am, I decided to build one myself, and here it is.


I enjoyed all three of these projects for different reasons, but enjoyed them nonetheless.

Until next time, happy Tuesday!