This week my talent is a bit multifaceted (and a bit BS). The first facet is my ability to find inspiration from the brilliant minds around me (also known as straight up copying other people’s ideas and spinning them off in a way that doesn’t seem like I straight up copied them).

Around Halloween, Pam really blew me away with her memorization of a spooky childhood poem. It just so happens that I also have a freakish memory, but only for song lyrics. Ergo, the second facet of my talent…

In honor of Christmas, and Pam, and my Grandpap who taught me this song by forcing me to sing it to him every time we rode in the car together between the months of September – January (he really loved Christmas)…I am going to claim that my talent is knowing every word to every verse of the 12 Days of Christmas.

And while I swear on all that is merry and bright that this claim is true, it would not be very impressive to read some lyrics I could have copy and pasted. So instead, here’s a nod to my fellow 4PC minions with a video of the non-4PC Minions singing their rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas:

BUT as a !~*B0nU$*~! I’ll throw in a few verses that I recall from a Laura Molesky original, composed during my junior year of high school. I got bonus points in Chemistry by writing a science themed Christmas song. For reference, my lab partners were named Cassie and Dave, and they performed this song for the class at my direction. Ladies and gentleman, I give you…

Baby, I’m Bad At Chem
(sang to the tune of Baby, It’s Cold Outside)

Dave, please help me
–What do you need, Cassie?
I messed up my lab
–What do you need, Cassie?
The numbers are wrong, and I took too long
–I’ll do my best to help you
I ought to know how to do this…
But what’s the point when Dave knows how?
I’ll just keep copying him!
Baby, I’m bad at chem

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a happy Tuesday 🙂