What I love most about the Holidays is all the decorating I get to do as well as planning dinners and parties which we do a lot around this time of year.  In my other life (my fantasy life) I’m this super Party Planner and Interior Decorator to the stars, for now, I’ll settle to decorating my own house.  To be really honest, something I LOVE is to have people walk in the door and go “WOW” so I really go all out on the holidays, and I know it’s pathetic but I do need that “WOW” validation so I work my butt off to make everything beautiful and perfect.

I’m a little OCD which to me means that I love planning and making lists and I get what I call “little OCDgasms” every time I get to check something off my list, oh the rush, you guys have no idea, (maybe JT can relate a little LOL).  As you can imagine these days I’m in a planner’s high and loving every minute of it, just the other day I was looking for pictures on my FB and Instagram feed from last Christmas to get some inspiration and decide what I’m doing this year, so I leave you with a couple of pictures of my “Making Things Pretty” talent.