I had no prepared “talent” to put on display this week. I had already blown my “look at me stand on my head” move during my first week at 4PatientCare. Having no other readily available talents to speak of, I decided to go ahead and create a new one.

Once, when I was ten years old, I ruined all my mother’s new checkbooks fresh from the mail. Whittle Babby Nweil got out a pen, and started drawing cats on each check. Upon discovery of my work, my Mother was furious. Keep in mind, this was the early 90’s. People actually used checks. The whole world was insane.

So, anyway, my Mom was turning all red and stuff when I started flipping through the checkbooks. Before her eyes, she witnessed her ruined checkbooks transform into a theatre of crude feline animated hijinks. There was not much plot to fit into the 60 second run times, but what story was told there must have touched her. The color of her face returned to normal, and her voice cracked. What I was sure was a trip to my room, resulted in a trip to an art supply store.

After that moment I told myself I wanted to make cartoons when I grew up.

In one of the twenty trips around the sun since, I had convinced myself it was a dumb idea.

At 1:00am on a Tuesday, spurred by this blog assignment, I decided to reevaluate. Below is my first attempt at animation in 20 years, no routing number required.