My daughter had always wanted to have a little sister. Therefore, my husband and I decided to make her dream reality.

SORRY!! It is not what you think.

Though, FYI, I still could for which I am super grateful.

However, that is not the route we took.

My husband and I decided to host an international student from Spain.

Her name is Ana. OH BOY has she being a blessing? It was love at first sight.

My daughter and her are just like twins – inseparable; constantly giggling and doing everything together. They even try to match their clothes to go to school. GIRLS after all!!!

I am so grateful because only God could have brought such a miracle to my house this year.

In fact they look so alike that I decided to play a contest.

Which one of the two you think is my daughter?
Answer: Left or Right.

​I will put the names with the correct answers in a bag and draw a winner. The Prize: a bottle of Papa Vince’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil. ( My family makes this EVOO back in Sicily.)

Let’s get started. I am waiting for the answers

P.S. Don’t you love games?


UPDATE: Winner is announced!