Around this time last year, I was having a bit of a tough winter season so I sat down to write out some things I would like to see change in my life. Long story short, little did I know that

[SURPRISE SURPRISE] sometimes change is the WORST. Why would I ask for that!?! It’s so gosh darn uncomfortable!

Cut to a few months later. While I was trudging through the foggy mountains of change during the post-holiday season, I was heading into the city to run an errand. I reached into my wallet only to find that list hiding behind my back-up metrocards. I had completely forgotten the thing existed. I sat down to read it on the train and realized so many of the things I had written down on that list had come to fruition while I was pushing forward through the storm. I had come so far without even realizing it because I was so focused on the discomfort of change and the hard work it can take to get to the other side.

I’m grateful for you, Change. You are gross and ugly and mean, but have so much opportunity and life hiding inside of you.

This isn’t the exact video I was looking for but it’s close enough.

Also, I MAY have mentioned this before…but I now have a dog.


His name is Murray.