As most of you know, my boyfriend and I moved to California in November. It has been amazing! Where we are is beautiful. Our home is quaint. We couldn’t be happier. Except…I don’t have any friends, which makes me uber miss things about our Utah home.

I’m sure all of you who have moved know the same feeling. Dustin, my boyfriend, was able to, essentially, transfer jobs out here, so he already had a small group of friends, who have also welcomed me. But they are his, not mine, you know? AND he gets to go back to Utah once a month to manage his team out there. So, I don’t think he feels it as much as I do. But, luckily I have him and our dog, so it could be worse. In my humble opinion, I think the three of us are awesome, here we are rocking our Christmas sweaters. (YOU get and ugly sweater! And YOU get an ugly sweater! And YOU get an ugly sweater!)










So, what am I thankful for? Utah. Yes, Utah. It may have its weird quirks, and its inability to separate church from culture, but it’s a great and beautful state and it holds the people/things, minus two (Dustin and Mijo), that I’m thankful for, namely:
1.    Betos. You would think that by moving to California we would be able to find the best Mexican food restaurants…especially better than Utah, but nope. We haven’t yet. Nothing compares to Betos. It’s the best shitty (but AMAZING) 24 hour food place in Utah. The Texano burrito is my jam, and I can’t find anything like it out here. It’s especially sad when we need midnight burritos (Dustin loves Mexican food when he drinks haha) and we get Tacomania and after a bite we both just give eachother the “I miss Betos” look.








2.    FiiZ. So, I’m not a huge drinker, BUT I LOVE soda. Utah is the same. Haha! (I had to pause and laugh at that for a minute, I think I’m hilarious.) There are SO many soda places out there that just amp up your soda experience. Fiiz is my favorite. They basically add crack to your favorite soda. Easy as that. I usually go with diet Mt. Dew, and get the Chandler Bing, Schrute Fruit or any one of their secret menu (two pages for each soda) And the sugar cookies…THE SUGAR COOKIES! Bless.









3.    My sister. Yes, I am an only child by blood, but I have been blessed with the best sister in the whole world. She is my person. I love her and her family more than I could ever express. Maybe someday I’ll introduce her more to you. Enjoy the picture of her, let it crawl into your dreams at night. hahaha









4.    My dad. Tom Sawyer. (Yes, that’s his name. No, he doesn’t have a best friend named Huck or own a fence painting business. haha) This guy. Man, he’s the best. He is the smartest, sweetest, most quiet, funny man you could ever meet. He has one funny face and he calls it “The Mater”, and no matter how many times I see it, it cracks me up. He and I have had our differences, but it’s brought us closer. By the time this is posted I’ll have already suprised him with a visit to Utah, and I can’t be more thrilled to do that. He’s been my constant when life was the hardest and the darkest and I couldn’t be more grateful for him. His only downfall? He doesn’t like Fizz. I can’t change his mind. He’s too much of a Diet Coke purist. But that doesn’t mean I’ve quit trying.









So, THANK YOU UTAH! Thank you for housing (some) of the best things in my life. I’m excited to be back have Betos and FiiZ everyday, or more, and see my loved ones. Keep being your beautiful, weird self.