I’m really thankful for people and animals. All of them. Which might be a little weird but, even when I’m having a crappy day and someone cuts me off on the way to Petsmart to play with the cats and stare at the ferrets and guinnea pigs, I’m thankful for them. Sometimes we get really into our own heads or a little blocked in how we’re thinking or acting, without someone cutting us off or even better, the people who support us, we’re probably going to get stuck there.

This past weekend I had been feeling awful, I was sick and I wasn’t going to be able to see my sister (also my best friend, our parents meeting was really a touch of fate for the two of us) so I went to Petsmart to interact with the most adorable little creatures. And first, as I was walking out of my apartment, a wasp started flying around me and I was kind of freaking out, which took my focus off of how awful I felt and just sent me into panic mode and straight into the safety of the car. Then, when I went to leave my apartment complex, I almost hit a squirrel. Luckily, I slammed on my breaks and he ran up the hill to safety before another car came. Which made me stop thinking about how Spotify always takes forever to load when I’m trying to leave my house and just made me happy that I didn’t hit that squirrel (because inevitably Laura would have known and I imagine it wouldn’t have been pleasant). Then this really old man cut me off in the middle of an intersection. Just when I was about to give up, there she was. Petsmart. Right next to Target. In the same center as Best Buy and Ulta. I could almost feel the stress of the drive melt away. As soon as I walked through the automatic doors, there he was, the most adorable little orange cat, meowing at me. The sleeping ferrets. The little cow spotted cat. The turtles. The fish. The cat who splashed me in the face. The guinnea pig with his fur all messed up from a good nap. I didn’t even care that much about the lady who was standing way too close to me.

Then I went to Target and, let me tell you, if you’re relaxed from Petsmart, don’t go there, okay? Please, your wallet and I beg you. Also, don’t go there if you’re stressed. But do both if they’re having a half off the dollar spot sale.

Through all of this, I texted friends and people watched and called my phone company. I talked to people and they were great. You’re great.

I think the point is I’m thankful for everything and at the center of it all are the people in my life, whether they make it harder and make me push myself or they make it easier and are there to comfort me when I’ve pushed too hard. I’m thankful for people who are like family and for people who are family. I’m thankful for animals that make day to day life easier and bring you back down when stress is eating you up. I’m thankful for my grandma, who taught me to be thankful for everything. I’m also super thankful for George Dayton, who founded one of my favorite stores to get lost in. Thank you for being a people. Like I said, you’re great.