Oy vey, even though I had “write blog post” on my Todoist yesterday, I still forgot to do it. So this morning when I was re-prioritizing my tasks like a good little Support Agent, I was surprised all over again to find that it’s my turn for Thankful Thursday. Whoops. But rather than cranking it out on a Wednesday night like my plan had been, it’s sort of nice to sit down with my coffee and start the day with gratitude. #gratitude #mindfulness #obnoxious #gettothepoint

Inspired by this scenario, today I am thankful for surprises.

Some background: when I was a little girl, I loved surprises so much that I would ask my mom to plan surprise birthday parties for me. (Yes, this happened multiple years in a row.) Everyone knew that I knew about the party, but to uphold the integrity of the event they would still hide and yell and make a fuss in my honor. Seven year old Laura was on top of the world (and 8 year old, and 9 year old…).

Now that I’m in the double-digits, I realize that surprises are even more fun when you don’t see them coming! When we surprise ourselves by doing something we didn’t think we could do. When someone who has disappointed us in the past comes through with something big. When we’re wrapped up in our own little worlds, and something out of the blue brings us down to earth again. When we are pleasantly – and sometimes painfully – reminded that life never happens in constants, but always in waves.