The daylight breaks over the snow covered buildings and slips into my bedroom. The birds chirp and all is peaceful on my quiet Brooklyn street, only sirens and car alarms in the distance. My first alarm goes off telling me to turn on my space heater, my sole source of heat during the winter months. As my second alarm goes off I huddle near the space heater trying to find motivation in the warmth is emits. Finally, I absorb enough of its life giving rays and get out of bed carrying my friend to the kitchen to make breakfast. As the day goes on and I move from room to room so follows my warm friend. All the way until it reaches night and each of us must go to sleep. Me snuggled up under a mountain of blankets and my space heater awaiting the next day with it’s little orange light watching over me until I need it again. As I drift off to sleep I think of how thankful I am for my little space heater who warms me throughout my life. ​