While thinking of what one word answer I could come up with to state what I was thankful for, I thought to myself “well maybe I will just jump onto the band wagon of sentimental posts.” So, I will leave behind my last response of “pizza” and actually talk about some things I am truly thankful for.

Honestly, I am thankful for this job and the people that I work with. While it isn’t the most glamorous job and I do love hearing “what’s a web browser?” The freedom this job provides me is hard to find. It allows me to follow my dream while having a stable income.

For the last year, I have been producing a one man show that I wrote and perform and have taken to Vancouver, Seattle, Austin, Cincinnati, New York City and in two weeks Chicago. Without this job I could not have dreamed of doing this. The experience and opportunity has been unmatched. (Shameless plug) You can read about it on my handy dandy website www.markmurrayartist.com

I am thankful that I have an apartment I love, with people I love, friends that stand by me and well I cant forget….

So in the end, I have plenty to be thankful for and I am extremely grateful. Well, 4PatientCare, this has been Thankful Thursday with Mark Murray, I’m off to find some delicious, delicious pizza. You stay classy.