When I think about the things for which I am thankful the first that come to mind, aside from my family, are my dogs. I have had dogs since I was a little child, and there was only one short period in my life where I went without. And though I have loved all of them, I would like to write today about my precious dog, Cookie, who sadly for me and for all who knew her, died the week after Thanksgiving this year.

Cookie was a dog of the world. Her father was a toy poodle and her mother was a Yorkshire terrier. When I first met her as a puppy the woman from whom I got her asked me if I had experience with either one of those breeds before. I said that I had had poodles. She told me that I was in for a rude awakening. “Poodles will do anything in the world they can to please you, Yorkies will do anything in the world they can to please themselves.” In this regard Cookie was very much more Yorkie than poodle, I have to admit. She came from a small farm in Wales but was not hindered by her humble background, and appreciated being looked after and taken care of by the various members of my family, whom she looked upon as “good and faithful servants.”

Cookie grew up in the rarified surroundings of Oxford, England, where she spent many days playing in the University Parks, and helping in the libraries. She had 7 children who are scattered across the globe, living in Spain, the UK, the US, and even one in Colombia. In her prime, at age 6, she moved across the ocean, crossing the Atlantic on the Queen Mary II, and so had a proper immigrant’s view of the Statue of Liberty while sailing into New York harbor. Though she had been a city girl, she took to country life quickly, and loved to chase small animals and rustle around in the forest.

Her favorite thing to do was to go riding in the car, and she, of course, felt it was her right and privilege so to do as the matriarch of the family. She was the most intelligent dog I have ever known, and if her vocal chords had been formed differently she would have had a great deal to say for herself. Even after she started to show her age, she was full of joy and enthusiasm and love of life. I thank Cookie for the fact that I have two of her children with me to remind me of her, and am very, very thankful that she spent all of her 16 and a quarter years with me and my family.