Today I had an “interfriendship” with my best friend Omar, which is what we call those moments when you need your friend to either validate your feelings or give you a kick in the butt and set you straight.  My feelings didn’t get any validation but I got my “Thankful Thursday” topic out of it.

Every day of my life I’m thankful for my bestie.  Omar and I have been friends for over 17 years and he is my brother, my lifeline, my shrink and truly one of the most important people in my life. We never have gone more than 3 days without any type of communication with each other and that makes for a very twisted, codependent and needy relationship, so much so that our significant others have learned to take us as a package deal, as a matter of fact, my husband is very thankful for Omar as well, if I didn’t have him to unleash all my crazy on, my hubby would have to be the one to bear with me while I over analyze the smallest of things and talk things out to exhaustion, so yes, Ivan is super thankful that he gets the edited version of what goes on in my head.
There are not enough things I can say about Omar, he is the sweetest and most kindhearted person I know, he is my judgement free zone and my moral compass and I look forward to growing old with him by my side, everybody should have an Omar in their life.