This is going to be a bit short, and to the point. Last Wednesday I got into a car, drove away from my apartment, and at the the end of the day I was in New Orleans. I traveled over 900 miles in under a day. It is amazing that I have the privilege and capability to do something like that.

When I got to New Orleans, it really hit me how lucky I was. I’ve never experienced real hardship, feared for my life, suffered real hunger, watched my home be destroyed. Never helpless as I lost everything, as my whole community lost everything, as my whole identity got washed away. There is no way for me to imagine that life.

I stood on a balcony above the French Quarter, head fuzzy from twenty hours of driving, and the lights and music washed over me while I sipped on a beverage that cost nine dollars. It was a weeknight, even, it couldn’t get much more indulgent. The fact that just ten years ago, the city was in shambles, never hit me.

My freedom, my privilege, is something I often take for granted. It is something I am very, very, thankful for.