AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)—-Vitalz, the leading provider of web-based, integrated enterprise scheduling and resource management solutions for healthcare organizations, announced the introduction of the Vitalz Enterprise 3.0 solution suite, designed to enhance the connection between physicians, patients, staff and facilities and improve the top and bottom line for healthcare organizations.
In conjunction with the release of its Enterprise 3.0 solution, Vitalz announced a strategic partnership with 4PatientCare, a leader in voice-enabled services for the healthcare industry. Under the agreement, 4PatientCare will provide patented voice reminder technology for Vitalz Enterprise 3.0 that assists healthcare providers in reducing costly patient appointment cancellations and no-shows.
Vitalz Enterprise 3.0 extends the powerful Vitalz solution more deeply into the acute care setting, with specialized scheduling and resource management functionality that addresses the unique needs of various clinical specialties, such as diagnostic imaging, GI lab, cardiac catheterization and other ancillary services. Enterprise 3.0 enables real time visibility of patient demand across the entire spectrum of patient care, linking inpatient and outpatient facilities and group medical practices through the single click of a mouse using the Internet.
Vitalz Enterprise 3.0 delivers enhanced value via several new functions, including multi-resource scheduling, eligibility checking, advanced business intelligence capabilities and automated appointment reminders. In addition, version 3.0 incorporates a workflow engine that streamlines, automates and standardizes several critical processes, such as eligibility verification, billing, referrals, and admissions and discharge.
“Vitalz Enterprise 3.0 represents a quantum increase in the value we deliver to our customers,” said Gene Ramirez, president and CEO of Vitalz. “The solution suite is specifically designed to enhance healthcare service and improve efficiency in more clinical areas of the organization than ever before. Enterprise 3.0 maximizes a healthcare network’s revenue by increasing utilization and patient throughput while helping to decrease no-shows.”
The Vitalz Enterprise solution enables healthcare organizations to manage human and physical resources more effectively by seamlessly connecting critical constituents and improving patient and physician satisfaction. Healthcare organizations also gain unprecedented visibility into patient demand and supply chain management throughout the extended care-delivery network. Because it is Web-native, Vitalz Enterprise also scales with the needs of a growing hospital network.
“Unlike many other solutions in our market, Vitalz Enterprise 3.0 was built from the ground up to be workflow-centric,” said Penelope J. Lie, Vitalz executive vice president of product strategy. “This functionality is customizable based on procedure, offering healthcare organizations the tools to provide a better patient experience more cost effectively. Its robust business intelligence reporting feature also provides an avenue for standardizing service and the tools for close monitoring of key business drivers in the healthcare setting.”

The Vitalz Enterprise 3.0 solution suite includes the following:

PEM — Patient Encounter Management
Vitalz PEM is a powerful combination of enterprise-wide integrated scheduling and resource management software designed to dynamically align patient demand with the healthcare provider’s resource set, leading to optimal utilization and superior patient service.

Provider Portal
Vitalz Provider Portal offers self-service scheduling, and patient management to an enterprise’s referring physician network. Referring physicians and their enterprise partners are seamlessly connected, with key patient information shared by all.

Business Intelligence
The Vitalz Business Intelligence offerings are an integrated suite of reporting tools designed to provide strategic insight into key metrics that drive healthcare business performance.

Vitalz is currently deploying this latest solution at the facilities of several nationally recognized customers.

About Vitalz

Vitalz delivers breakthrough enterprise technology and services that improve business performance and enhance service delivery for healthcare organizations. Vitalz’ integrated enterprise scheduling and resource management solutions enhance visibility to patient demand, empowering healthcare organizations to optimize resource deployment and effectively manage costs, increase revenues and improve patient service. Vitalz is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and maintains a satellite office in Oakland, California. The company received its financial backing from Internet HealthCare Group, a leading venture capital firm focused on the healthcare technology sector. Visit the Vitalz website at: